Choirfly aims to bring the excitement of a cappella to all audiences of all ages, geeks and non-geeks alike.  

New York City's premier nerd-themed a cappella group

Founded in 2011 by Rachel Rakov, Choirfly shoots for the moon to impress audiences all over NYC by integrating technical skill seamlessly with geek culture references and homage. Their repertoire delights and excites fans of Doctor Who, video games, Firefly, Weird Al, Jonathan Coulton, and Flight of the Conchords.  Choirfly also specializes in original song parodies that appeal to the literary fantasy/sci-fi crowd, as well as creative re-imaginings of old classics. 


Previous performance venues include New York Super WeekBrooklyn Game LabThe WaystationThe Bell House, and Lovecraft Bar and more.


We also perform at weddings upon request.


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Photo courtesy of Max Eddy and Estelle Malmed

Photo courtesy of Max Eddy and Estelle Malmed

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