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Choirfly Open Audition for New Members

  • 440 Studios 440 Lafayette St #4 New York, NY USA (map)

Attention fellow music nerds! 

On July 1st, at 440 Studios, Choirfly will be conducting an open audition for new members!

7:30pm, 3rd Floor, "The White Room."

You must be able to:

  • Commit your Wednesday nights to rehearsals every week.
    This is the extremely important. We rehearse every week on Wednesday nights from 8pm to 10pm, and have done so for years.
  • Familiarize yourself with our rep.
    We cover a wide range of Nerddom and a variety of genres! Our songs range from simple and classic to technically difficult to perform. Know what we do and want to do it with us!
  • Be serious about performances!
    We regularly perform in and around New York City, both at small venues and at large events and conventions. Be up for performing on stage in front of audiences! This also means a commitment to practicing on your own time.
  • Be a fun human being.
    We like new friends! You should be awesome with us. We all like each other, and we want to like you too! 


We are seeking the following voice parts:

  • 1 Bass 

  • 1 Soprano 

  • 1 High Tenor/Low Alto (A "Tenalto")

If any or all of these peoples are also Beatboxers, we consider this a huge plus!
** If you are primarily a Beatboxer, you are welcome to join us at the Open Call.

If you have other questions, comments, queries or concerns please contact Michele Reznik at